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Basket Traditions

MadArt's Mural Project commissions BIPOC artists to create work for a temporary installment that promotes accessibility and community support.


The Story

This design is based on traditional baskets of the Pacific Northwest people. Baskets are our first people’s writing system; they hold wisdom, tell stories, and record history. The warm yellow and red strands represent cedar: the queen tree of the Pacific Northwest. It is a rot-resistant and sturdy material for many beautifully woven items. From top to bottom the designs are a star, morning star, eagle, wooly dog, water waves, mountains, and fish gills, all prolific symbols of this region. It is important to note that these vary in representation and meaning among individuals, families, tribes, and regions, as cultures are not fixed but dynamic and subjective.
What is your guiding philosophy that makes you who you are or the overall principles that guide your team? Add a photo or two! Putting your face to your story allows your readers to connect to you. And here’s a little tip from the pros - write in the first person so your readers can relate to you on a more personal level.

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