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Kraken Community Iceplex 

Starbucks and the Seattle Kraken, Seattle’s NHL’s newest professional ice hockey expansion team, announced a partnership this year focused on strengthening communities and advancing equity and inclusion. The Community Store exemplifies that shared mission and a percentage of store profits will support the Kraken and Climate Pledge Arena’s One Roof Foundation and local nonprofit organizations. The mural is one more way that the store will celebrate community in our hometown.





Downstairs Mural

  • The two masks represent guardians, one of endurance, another of optimism with its upturned eyes. Together, they signify the pursuit of athleticism with positivity and a solid mindset.

  • Four circles sit atop this mural, depicting, from left, the Kraken, the moon, the sun, and the youth. In the farthest right, four tentacles protect an egg, a symbol of community looking after and nurturing its young. 

  • A four-figure pattern, often found in traditional Coast Salish basket-weaving, represents community coming together through craft and design. 

  • The number four—depicted by arrows, circles, and the basket-weaving pattern in this mural—is sacred in Coast Salish culture, symbolizing the four seasons, directions, and medicines. 

  • An indigenous Coast Salish woman wears a woven robe and holds a traditional paddle upright, to signify peace.

“Tentacle Loom”

Upstairs Mural

This mural is an extension of the artwork located on the floor below. A large tentacle is juxtaposed with a traditional wool-weaving pattern to celebrate the Kraken and Northgate communities alongside Coast Salish culture.



Ira Coyne 

The mural was hand painted by Ira Coyne of Olympia, WA. During the painting process Ira was very sharing with his knowledge and made me feel extremely confident in how my design translates to the viewer. I appreciated his respectful approach to my design and value his insights. I am so thankful for Starbucks making a thoughtful connection between two artists for a beautifully executed mural.


Thank You

This project started in the summer of 2021 when I was approached by Kate Evens from the Starbucks Art Program. She is someone I consider to be completely genuine and great at at her job. All the Starbucks Art Program folks helped advocate and facilitate internal relationships. I will never forget how gracefully they handed our communications when receiving feedback on my first drafts. This project connected me with so many talented people. Not all corporations handle their artists will care, but I can confidently say they did me and my work well. Especially when it came to accurately representing Coast Salish culture. The Kraken facilities folks are so funny and such a joy to work with. I was fortunate that every person I met was so kind and welcoming for a project that is all about community. Photo credit: Connor Surdi

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